Introduction to China Rule of Law Research Institute

China Rule of Law Research Institute Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 by Prof. Qian Hongdao in Hong Kong. It mainly focuses on rule of law project research, rule of law evaluation, rule of law exchange, legal aid and rule of law training. Armed with a professional and experienced academic committee consisting of famous experts and scholars at home and abroad, the institute is devoted to conduct in-depth researches on the history, the current situation and the future development of rule of law in various nations to explore the regular patterns of rule of law and to promote its international exchange. China Rule of Law Research Institute is committed to create a world-influential high-end think tank which collects the quintessence of thoughts and achievements from various schools, and makes a contribution in the promotion of rule of law development both in home and abroad.

China Rule of Law Research Institute (CRLRI) has been working in close cooperation with some famous domestic and foreign universities, research institutions and China’s National and local Governments.

It has successfully organized a group of domestic and foreign experts and scholars together to work on research projects including China’ rule of law theory and practice. It also emphasizes on index system i.e. Rule of Law Index, Judicial Transparency Index, China’s Rule of Law based Government Construction Index, Index system of capital Market and other relevant projects.

Moreover, this group of professionals conducts annually, high-level rule of law dialogues and activities for academic exchange such as High-End China Rule of Law Forum, China Rule of Law International Conference and so on. Furthermore, CRLRI has spared no effort to the promotion and development of Rule of Law with Chinese Characters. It is pushing forward to innovate Chinese legal system through the building of the rule of law with Chinese style and Chinese dignity.

China Rule of Law Research Institute regularly edits and publishes “China School of Rule of Law Practice” and “Rule of Law White Paper” series.

Professor Qian Hongdao, the founder of China Rule of Law Research Institute. He received his Doctorate degree of Judicial Science and Postdoctoral degree of Economics from Peking University. He also worked as visiting lecturer at many famous universities of the world including Oxford University, Cambridge University, Stanford University, Yale University, Waseda University. He was awarded the honorary title of the “New Century Talent” by Ministry of Education China. Qian has served also as researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,  central committee member of the China Democratic National Construction Association, China project case guidance counselor in Stanford University, visiting professor of Thomas Jefferson Law School, visiting professor of the Chinese People’s Public Security University, Director of China Rule of Law Research Institute, and Vice President of China Comparative Law Research Association. Currently, he is serving as a professor at Guanhua Law School of Zhejiang University. He is also doctoral candidates’ supervisor. Leading over the introduction of China’s first rule of law assessment system, the first rule of law index in the mainland, China’s first judicial transparency index, and China’s first e-government development index (all together known as the “Qian Index” and “Qian Practice”, Professor Qian is known as “the forerunner of China’s rule of law index” in academic circles for his initiation of China School of Rule of Law Practice. With “School of Rule of Law Practice” and “Rule of Law White Paper” series  issued under his general editorship, Qian published over 10 monographs, including “Experiment of Rule of Law Assessment”. Besides, he also worked as the chief expert of major research project of Ministry of Education, Chief expert of key project of National Social Science Fund. Qian established Hongdao Academy, setting up the forum of “Reading Masterpiece and Exploring the Deep Essence of Confucianism “. Professor Qian is one of the pioneers’ scholars to found an Academy.