I planned to renovate my father and mother’s room as to be memorial for my father.

My mind was filled with images of Zhu Xi、 Wang Yangming、 and Zhang Zai’s reading books. I was also amazed by beautiful reading environment? like Bailudong academy, Yuelu academy. Therefore, I decided that after the renovation of the room, I would name it “Hongdao academy”, so the name of the academy was created by my interests.

In 1999, I worked with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Before I went to Waseda University in Japan to serve as academic adviser, I designed the blueprint of the academy and gave it to the workers, Hoping that it would be completed by the time that I returned to China.

All undeserved reputations make complicated and confusing halo. Academy in Legend has not lived up to its reputation. It should contain 7-8 academics meet and discuss or 10-20 students take class. The academy have organized these activities called as “Dushu Wendao Jiangtan” (Reading book discussion). We have great influence academics like Pi Ruba, Jiang Ping, Li Buyun and Zhang Wenxian, who have spared no effort to educate their students. American professors and students are also come to discussions.

I have disappointed not a few friends. They always ask tell me, “Qian! You are living up to my expectations.  Up to now you haven’t invited me to your home?!”. Every time, I could not avoid feeling embarrassed.

When I go back to the hill in vacation, I found that many visitors, familiar and not familiar to me, would come to visit me. I feel that my everyday life inconveniences me.

Early in the morning on the second day of the lunar calendar of this year, I was awoke suddenly from a dream by someone shouting my name at the front door.  By the time I had dressed myself and gone to welcome the visitor, He was gone. Afterwards, I could not shake the feeling or had a hunch that the visitor is, was Hangzhou city officer, my old classmate. He would conclude that I am too arrogant.

I could not bear to disappoint more people. In recent years, I feel that keeping busy entertaining guests is a hard job.

I have boasted to my friends that the academy has the purpose of reading books and discussing them, then moving forward and encouraging others to follow.

I have indeed boasted to friends that our academy allows people to live up to this tenet: Seek truth in reading, learn from people of virtue of the older generations, and encourage scholars of younger age. To rodomontade a little, I would quote the sentence from Zhang Zai which is well known to many readers: “Rebuild spiritual values for the society, establish the meaning of life for the public, inherit interrupted academic tradition from the saints in history, and solidif the foundation of peace and tranquility for all ages”. I persist in this endeavor forever.

Faced with decline of the manners and morals of our time period, fear of people, and a sadness of the destiny of human beings, a person should do something!

In the future, our academy may not become as famous as Sanwei Bookstore, or eternally influential as Bailu Shanfang, and Ziyang Academy, which advocate neo-Confucianism. I would be an object of ridicule if I had such extravagant and vain hopes. Someday, maybe I will retire from the world and go back to the mountain, farm in the countryside, and quietly read books with a single lamp beside me. My life would be consummate if I achieved that, because I always had a lack of food and clothes in the past, and I could not enjoy the freedom of just reading until now.