Experiment of Rule of Law Index

In 2006, Yuhang district administrator in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, advised by Professor Qian Hongdao, who is a Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher, started “Yuhang rule of law evaluation system” research project and appointed Professor Qian to conduct the research project. In 2007, Professor Qian completed the first design of rule of law establishment index system. In 2008, Professor Qian completed the first Chinese internal rule of law index, “the Yuhang rule of law index measurement”.

The Yuhang rule of law index took Yuhang area as an experimental area by using quantity, social sciences, guidance, prospective, public access as characteristic and using 149 = 1 index +4 levels + 9 targets as model. Moreover, the index also uses “change fake to be real”, “change abstracts to be concrete”, “synthesize macro and micro level” to transform the principle and requirements of rule of law into recognizable and operational specific standards. In this regards, the project sketched the whole outline of the rule of law situation and evaluated the level of rule of law in Yuhang area.

From 2007, Yuhang has appointed China rule of law research institute as a third party to conduct annual rule of law index evaluation. Jiang Ping, Li Buyun and some other famous law experts are assigned for rule of law index evaluation as specialist. In this regard, Professor Qian, the president of China rule of law research institute, acts as the convenor.

Yuhang rule of law is the first stream of China rule of law evaluation. The rule of law index evaluation cultivated people’s concept and attitude towards rule of law, and promoted innovation of social management, social democracy and transformation of rule of law. Nowadays, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan and many places are actively promoting rule of law evaluation. Therefore, Yuhang is called as “rule of law experimental field of China” and became the model of rule of law establishment. Yuhang rule of law index, as role model, benefits rule of law establishment in other areas in China, and innovates rule of law theory and practice. Rule of law evaluation became the legal research trend and growing point of Chinese rule of law development.

In 2013, “China rule of law government index system research project,” which Professor Qian took part in as the leading specialist, has been supported as the key research project by Ministry of Education.

In 2013, Decision of the CCCPC on some major issues concerning comprehensively deepening the Reform decided to “set up a scientific indicator system and assessment standard for legal system”.

In 2014, Decision of the CCCPC on major issues concerning comprehensively advancing rule of law decided that “The effectiveness of rule of law establishment shall become an important factor in measuring the effectiveness of all leading groups and leaders’ work, which means it shall be included in the performance examination index.”